Come Meet the Cast, Band & Crew of...

7 Women, 7 Stools



Yolanda Gibbons
In the Role of "The Abused Woman"
(In her Debut Acting Performance)
Sara Escamilla
In the Role of "The College Student"
(BET's Sunday's Best Finalist)
Lauren Byrd
In the Role of "The Mistress"
(Of the Byrd Sisters)
Darlene Muhammad
In the Role of "The Grandmother"
(From the Musical "Mahalia")
Regina Lee
In the Role of  "The Cancer Survivor"
(In her Debut Acting Performance)
Lakesha Shawree
In the Role of "The Hustler"
(Of Dreamgirls & Ain't Misbehavin')
Amber Sauer
In the Role of "The Housewife"
Taking a Look Beyond The Cast....
Nick Donaldson
Music Director
Taunika Ogans
Brian "B" Turner
Bass Guitar
Tim Saffold
Lead Guitar
Walter Williams
Warren Brister 
Production Manager
Marc Cambridge
Cambridge Sound, Sound Manager
Ron Guerra
Lighting Technician
Debra Richards
Company Manager
Linda Coleman
Merchandise Manager
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