The Woman Behind The Masterpiece

Delilah Rashell

Delilah Rashell is a critically acclaimed  writer, producer, director and has brought to the stage some of the best of theatre including her mega hit “God’s Trying To Tell You Something,”  “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be”, “Stop The Noise Bring Back The Music” and “Somebody Oughta Tell God Thank You!” 

Her shows have played to over 1.5 million patrons across the United States and the Virgin Islands. Delilah served as assistant director to Tyler Perry and national tour promoter with T.D Jakes mega hit “Woman Thou Art Loosed” known as a “one woman machine” this incredible lady literally does it all. 

She is the writer of all the original music in this production including the Housewife’s cry of “Who am I”?, the College Student’s “I’m just trying to fit in”,  the Mistress justification song…”I’m not hurting anyone”  to name a few. Delilah is not only the co-writer of this piece but the Director and Producer as well, not to mention the marketing  director .

Are you sure this lady doesn’t have a secretary or a couple of assistants?  “No it’s just me, my Angel and my God we make quite a team “Its hard to take credit for the many gifts that God has given me because they are just that “gifts”  Its my job to polish them, protect and deliver them in a matter that is first pleasing to Him and then the audience.” And for over 20 years she has done just that.

For those of you that have had the privilege to witness Delilah’s pen you will recognize it throughout the show as her words come to life embodying the characters moving the audience to unexpected out burst of laughter one moment and to that of silent tears. From the time the curtain rises you will see Delilah in the staging, costumes, and set design. This phenomenal woman is truly nothing short of Amazing!

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