7 Women 7 Stools...

This is a raw journey through the lives of seven very different women - reliving their struggles, their feelings, their pain, while watching them overcome every imaginable obstacle. You’ll roar with laughter and cry in solace as reality quickly sets in. Some stories are all too familiar, while others are not familiar at all. A 5-piece kicking polished band sets the tempo and quickly moves the monologues and phenomenal singing along as this diversified group of  anointed actresses deliver an unforgettable masterpiece.

Meet the Housewife whose life is not her own but that of her husband and children - which leaves her to ask the question “Who am I?” Then, there is the Grandmother whose retirement is abruptly interrupted as she takes on the rearing of her grandchildren because her daughter is an unfit mother, and the hilarious Hustler who seeks the easy way out by being a professional booster - whose shocking childhood revelation leaves audiences shaking their heads. There's the frustrated Mistress who settles for married men because single ones have nothing to offer but her choices lead her down an unexpected path, and next is the peer pressured College Student whose desire to impress her friends brings tragic results. Then, there is the Abused Woman whose mental and physical abuse cause her to flee her
familar reality, and the Cancer Su.vivor who makes it through and teaches others to do the same

These stories have no boundaries, their faces tell no lies. They are black, they are white, they are young, they are old. Their skin colors may vary but they all share an undeniable thread - they are all WOMEN. And all seven find their breakthrough from a Higher Power!




-Bob Pallotta, Beyond the Eye Films - “This was the most amazing, yet touching show I have ever experienced.”


-Former U.S. Senator Avel Gordly - ”…brilliantly written, replaces darkness with the light of hope.”


-Dee Baker, 1st Lady Entertainment - “Refreshingly different and diverse, off the chain!”


-Katrina Jefferson, New York, N.Y - “Incredible Stories merge with incredible voices — sets this show far above the fray.”

The Synopsis...

​When a Housewife, Grandmother, College Student, Abused Woman, Hustler, Cancer Survivor and Mistress all come together on the same stage, you have a recipe for a theatrical event that will be talked about for years to come. You have ”7 Women 7 Stools”.

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